Friday, September 2, 2011

Mr. Bead Soup's Wild Ride!!

Getting my bead soup partner's package to the post office to mail to her was a little adventure in itself! The following is an portion of my email to her about it. She said she loved it, and I shouldn't have risked my life just to get those beads mailed! Seems like lately everything we attempt around here turns into more than it should or just a big fiasco!! She also thought Lori, who is the organizer of this wonderful party, would love to know what some of us go through to get our packages in the mail. So, I hope you enjoy reading the tale of the bead soup ride! 

"I think you would laugh if you knew how I got to the post office and home. My 16 yr old daughter got her driver's license last week so this week she has had my car, even though I have heard so, so many times how she would never drive that old granny car to school. Freedom has it price, doesn't it? Ha! Well, my husband came home at lunch, and since his work has really made it known lately that he cannot carry me or Rachel anywhere in that work truck, we went to the post office in my mil's little yard truck. Well, it has probably driven it's last mile! The brakes, if you can call them that, kept locking up and Perry would put it in reverse to slow it down. Sounds terrible, but it was really kind of funny. We kind of slid into the post office parking space. When we left was the kicker! We were chugging along, with this horrible grinding noise, and all of a sudden we heard something fall onto the ground....klink, klink, bounced down the road and into the ditch. I asked what it was, Perry looked back saying, it was probably part of the rotor. We didn't go back. The grinding stopped, and we kind of floated back home, hoping at every stop sign that no one was coming down the street! You have to picture, we live in small-town USA! So, not many stop signs between our little post office and our house. Little Red, as we've always called that truck, is probably at it's final resting place in our driveway!!! BUT, it did get us to the PO to mail your beads!! Yay!!"

As much as I hated to post this picture of this ugly truck, here is Little Red, probably at it's final resting place! If this little truck could talk, it would have some tales to tell!  My children and all the cousins learned to drive by driving Little Red in the pasture, it has taken us and all supplies to the pond for picnics and fishing, and it has hauled many loads of firewood, broken limbs, and dirt for many years on my mother-in-law's place! It also took us to school several times, but we had to wait til everyone left before my children would be seen in it at school!!

Anyhoo! There's my story of Little Red and the Wild Ride to the post office, plus a tiny bit of Little Red history!


  1. Awww, so hard to say goodbye to such a trusty steed! And to think, Bead Soup was a part of it! :o)

    Have a great weekend Lisa!

  2. What a fun story, though I'm sorry your truck may have come to it's end. It is hard to say "goodbye" to vehicles and homes we've lived with for so long! They are full of our personal history too!