Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead Soup Party

I just have a minute, but did want to say I have received my bead soup mix and my bead partner should have hers. My bead soup partner is Linda Murphy of Bonita Bead. I am sure our pairing was 'meant to be' and I have thoroughly enjoyed the emails we have sent back and forth. With that said, she has been in New York with her daughter and family as they had a trip planned in the midst of hurricane Irene. Haven't heard from her since Saturday, but at that time, all was well! :)

As you have probably read on my blog, I have been dealing with a bad back. Well, not to complain, but I have since had to deal with an abscessed tooth! YUCK! I'm ready for the pain and back luck to 'vamoose' from my presence!!

I have a funny story to tell of how I finally got Linda's package to the post office, but for now I have to go help my daughter write an essay for her Honors History class.

Pictures of the bead soup mix that Linda sent me are in my camera just eager to get out and onto this blog, and I promise, they will be here soon! It is a beautiful soup mix, and I absolutely LOVE IT!