Friday, July 1, 2011

Just How Long?

I hurt my back cleaning out a flower bed on Mother's Day.  I love working in the yard, but haven't done so in quite some time and should have known better than to do all that bending and pulling! Just how old did I think I was? Just as old as you feel, and I felt great that day and slept so good that night!

The next day was the end of feeling good for awhile, and I wonder when this pain will end? The last two weeks have been nothing but sheer torture! Doing my little exercises and finally got some pain med. The muscles in my left leg have been tight for so long they just ache, in fact they have been throbbing. It seems like the pain med has given them a little relief, so keeping my fingers crossed and still praying continuously.

My daughter loaned me her laptop for a little while. The only time I've been on the computer is when I walk around a little. I can stand at it for only a short time. Sitting at my desk is a definite no-no! So, all the things I love to do that involves sitting...visiting my blogging friends, beading, taking my daughter to her ball practices, watching a little tv....well, they can only be done in short spurts. My bed and my heating pad have been my best friends for the last two weeks.

Cannot wait until I can enjoy life again, and hopefully the rest of the summer. Meanwhile, I will visit all my inspiring blogging friends when those little short spurts let me.


  1. Poor you Lisa, that all sounds horrid! I hope you feel better soon. Keep channelling those polka dots!

  2. Oh no you poor thing nothing worse then back pain it throws everything else off! XOXO I've had neck issues and you need the pain killers to help your body calm down and heal. I am not big on taking them but after the last time I threw my neck out I HAD to and got better so much faster.